Four Beaches in the West

Summer is coming soon to Auckland. On these warm days one can not only wet feet in the ocean but dip into its cool water wholly. For those who are lazy the choice where to go and have rest for a couple of hours is traditionally not wide: Piha, Muriwai, Anawhata, Karekare. All of them are approximately at the same distance from the city, which is about forty-minute drive away from it. 

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Ninety Mile Beach on a Summer Day

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The sun in Kaitaia is hidden with low-level clouds today. It is windy but warm. Here have got together windsurfing and paddleboarding (a stand up paddle board with a SUP paddle) lovers, as well as those who love beach running and beach driving. 

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Sunset at Piha Beach and Other Stuff from My Camera

Here in Auckland it’s summer, summer, summer. My back’s been burned twice already, despite sunblock with SPF 45 and higher. But it’s alright, soon it’ll already be cold at night and we’ll have to spin the electric meter at night. Although, who knows. They say that you can’t get away from global warming nowadays and the climate will inevitably change. Last year, for example, the summer here was the longest and driest in the past eighteen years. And this year, not long ago, a previously unseen temperature of +32° was registered. That’s just some casual sand in the wheels of those who think that it’s heaven here.

We bought a refrigerator from this farmer in the marvelous town Drury. The apparatus spent eight months in a garage, and ants infested it. They froze pretty quickly. Also, on the farm, there’s a huge sandbox with nonchalantly scattered children’s toys. I didn’t see any children, but I did see over five cats who use the structure not for building sand castles.

There is a large metal drum on Mount Eden that points and indicates the distance to famous cities of the world.

In Shakespeare Regional Park, while chasing after the frisbee, I bloodied up the bottom of my foot with a seashell. Instead of sand, the beach there has mollusk seashell ridges, various scallops.

Almost every time that I go to the shop on the corner for milk, this cardboard guy who offers ice cream with a maniac’s smile scares me.

I’ll talk about the boxers soon.

On one very slow intersection, the local rascality earns a little side money by washing windows. It should be noted that they’re polite and fun people. I apologized in advance to the hero of the photograph below since nobody carries cash around, seeing as credit cards are accepted everywhere. But this did not stop him from wiping the windshield just in case, asking about my camera and posing a little bit. I did not get a chance to ask for his e-mail, the light turned green.

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New Zealand!!! Tribute to Flight of the Conchords Posters

My tribute to tourism posters, as seen in Murray’s office in Flight of the Conchords.

New Zealand… Cool!!!

New Zealand… Rocks!!!

New Zealand. It’s Not Going Anywhere

New Zealand, Take Your Mom

New Zealand. Why Not?

New Zealand. Like Lord of The Rings

New Zealand. Ewe Should Come

New Zealand. Come Visit Us Down Underer

New Zealand. Don’t Expect Too Much

New Zealand. Why Travel the World When You Can Visit Newtown

Wellington, it’s not a recreation from the show like the others, anyway. The slogan is, amazingly, real. Complete with lack of a question mark.

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A Beach in Hoi An, 2008

Here, in Hoi An, is a concentrated Vietnam. In the one hundred thousandth little city on the coast of the Pacific Ocean are hardworking Vietnamese people, who have relatively recently joined the race of the tourism business in South Asia, who are fighting for their place in the sun.

Only the beach is in this post. I will talk about everything else a bit later. In detail, as there are quite a few impressions which are reinforced with photographs.

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