Horopito Motor Wreckers, part 2

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In my previous post I have shown you the inner part of the museum. Today we are going to see how it looks like outside. One can wander among rusty frames for hours. The view of such a breakdown and such a disorder is somehow very impressive. At the same time my personal feeling is that there is some cemeterial spirit which is hovering over those anthropomorphous dead cars. 

Some brands are absolutely unfamiliar. Have you ever heard of (Don’t Google the question!) Humble cars with a winged hopper handle as a decorative figure on the hood?

This device is functional, it is used to transport frames and the cars which are candidates to be dismounted. It looks picturesque, too.

Let us move into the rear yard. The cars collected here are more than 50 years old. I am sure that all more or less interesting car parts have already been dismantled and carefully transported onto the shelves intended for automobile parts’ storage.


Most of all I like bright Tarantino colors and forms.

I am simply amused with photos of windows which reflected the cars living the rest of their days, the same way I used to be amused with window reflections in the experimental digital multi-exposition from Australia.

Let’s consider the photos as a small photo project from the museum area.

In addition to that I will show a car of the make “Niva”. These makes used to be delivered to New Zealand as off-road vehicles. There is an inscription on the car side: “Ivan the Terrible”. Not too bad!

So I am going to finish this post about vintage cars with this humorous-and-optimistic note. My conscience is clear because I have sorted out part of my old photos. I hope I’ll get to American and Australian photos as well during the holidays.



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