Glitchy San Francisco

At first I did not like San Francisco, and then I liked it very much. By means of such a simple language I want to say that San Francisco is a far from ordinary place. It arouses mixed feelings and there is no doubt that it is really interesting. In the foreseeable future I will definitely return to “Sanfran” as Russian immigrants call it.

When I arrived to New Zealand my hard disk turned to be damaged. I managed to restore only a small part of photos. Only less than 10 % photos turned out to be unaffected by a specific digital effect (it is  clearly seen in the post). In the beginning I got upset (that is why I did not post that long) but after, perhaps, the tenth view of the half-damaged photo archive I started to notice interesting frames. I am sharing them today. They are unusual.
One amateur of electronic music has suggested the name for such photos, which seems to me very adequate: glitch photos. 
The photos came out as uncommon. Did you enjoy them?



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