Hong Kong: People

An Asian businessman at the Kowloon Waterfront Promenade.
There live more than 7 million people in cramped Hong Kong. They get born, hurry to their scheduled affairs, laugh, cry and die. Today I am going to post photos of some people living in this striking city.

“Pirates” on board of a sailing vessel “Aqua Luna”.

In spite of a great number of people in every place of Hong Kong, for some reason, the city seemed to me “uninhabited”. May be, that was why I got photos of individuals and not pictures of omnipresent and constantly hurrying crowd consisting of dark-haired units of a new communist-and-capitalist world.

Appreciate the color-and-type decision in the stand signs of an underground passage in Hong Kong metro.

A night guard next to a laundry in the center of Kowloon.

An Indian paterfamilias in 3D-glasses in the amusement park.

A tired tourist at the Kowloon Waterfront Promenade next to the Avenue of Stars. In the Avenue there, I found out that Mark Dakaskos had “girl’s”palms, and as for Jackie Chan, we were “palm twins”.

A man staring into the distance. You see it yourselves, though.

A man sleeping under the sign “”Crossing the Victoria Harbour” with Star Ferry is one of the fifty places of a life time”. That what they wrote in “National Geographic Traveler”.

A group of builders busy with the renewing of a decrepit high-rise building in bamboo scaffolding.

A nice Chinese girl with the Diana lomo camera which was no less nice than the girl.

Children rejoicing at soap bubbles in Hong Kong Disneyland. I showed pictures from there but it was long ago.

At the same place, in Disneyland, a boy is enjoying with rather primitive “races” created after the cartoon “Cars”.

An inhabitant of the Lamma island which I wrote about yesterday. As you can read on the sign in the background, the land is a property of the state and one can neither dig nor even just go there. 

An elderly Chinese man at the waterfront is showing the other bank of the Victoria harbor to a child.



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