Если в последнем сезоне «Друзей» 17 серий, то я только что закончил просмотр этого сериала.
10 сезонов, примерно по двадцать серий в каждом, по 25 минут каждая… 1, 9, 10 сезоны смотрел на английском.

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И снова возникает вопрос: «Неужели теперь придётся смотреть Вавилон-5?»

Susie : Chandler Bing?
Chandler : Do you know me or are you just really good at this game?
Susie : I’m Susie Moss. Fourth grade, glasses, I used to carry around a box of animal crackers like a purse.
Chandler : Susie Moss, right, yeah, wow, you look… great job growing up.

Ross : You know what? I’d better pass on the game. I’m just gonna go home and think about my ex-wife and her lesbian lover.
Joey : The hell with hockey. Let’s all do that.

Dr. Zoidberg : Now open your mouth and lets have a look at that brain.
[Fry opens his mouth]
Dr. Zoidberg : No, no, not that mouth.
Fry : I only have one.
Dr. Zoidberg : Really?
Fry : Uh… is there a human doctor around?
Dr. Zoidberg : Young lady, I am an expert on humans. Now pick a mouth, open it and say «brglgrglgrrr»!
Fry : Uh… brglgrglgrglgrrr!
Dr. Zoidberg : What? My mother was a saint! Get out!

Bender : I hate people who love me. And they hate me.

Bender : Bite my shiny metal ass.
Fry : It doesn’t look so shiny to me.
Bender : Shinier than yours, meatbag.

[Leela is about to be sacrificed]
Leela : I’m a virgin.
Vyolet : Nice try, Leela, but we’ve all seen Zapp Branagin’s web page.

Joey : It’s just my character that’s not brain-dead.

Miranda : I know you’re probably busy having mind-blowing sex, but I feel you need to know that your good friend, Miranda Hobbes, has just taken a piece of cake out of the garbage and eaten it. You’ll probably need this information when you check me into the «Betty Crocker Clinic.»

Charlotte : My vagina’s depressed.

Carrie : I was told there’d be no clowns — nothing scarier than a clown.

Bender : Ahhh, what an awful dream. Ones and zeroes everywhere… and I thought I saw a two.

Dr. Zoidberg : I want the tactile pleasure in cutting him here…
[points his claw at Fry’s neck]
Dr. Zoidberg : … in the gonads.
Fry : [to crowd] Shhhhhh. Nobody correct him.

[Zoidberg is unsuccessful in attracting a mate]
Leela : Why is Zoidberg the only one still alone?
Bender : Because he’s a loser, that’s why. He’s the lobster equivalent of Fry.

Suicide Booth: You are now dead. Thank you for using Stop and Drop, America’s favorite Suicide Booth since 2008.

Amazon: It time snu-snu.
Fry : Can’t we just cuddle?
[Amazon grabs him]
Fry : Nooooo.



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