Stas Kulesh is a Russian photographer, pro blogger and journalist living in Auckland, New Zealand.

Bio and Education

He was born in the part of Russia called Ural, grew up in the Far East, studied Nuclear Physics in the capital of Siberia, lived for several months in China. In 2006 Stas moved permanently to a beautiful country down-under called New Zealand.

Participant of a photojournalism workshop by photographer Sergey Maximishin in Nepal.

Collaborates with Getty Images.

Selected Publications

BBC Russia, Walt Disney Studios Sony Pictures, Maxim Italy, Cosmopolitan Russa, F5, Turtess Ukraine, Overseas («За рубежом»), Travel World («Мир путешествий»), SPACE VIEW Fanzine Germany.

Interviewed by Pravda.ru, Livejournal.ru, TV Rain, Action newspaper («Акция»).



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Stas is a full-stack digital designer with 15+ years of experience. 400+ projects designed and coded. Nowadays, he leads a capable team of tech-savvy designers and developers at Sliday.com, the flexible and robust digital studio from Auckland, New Zealand.