Hong Kong: Suburbs

There are no cars here, on Lamma Island which is near Hong Kong. As soon as you have sailed up to Lamma Island you can walk up the hills and view the outskirts. Mainly, the view is traders and barges that can be seen in the distance. The island has an area of 13.55 km2 and is 7 km in length, the height of the island is 353 m. Only about six thousand people live there.

The post is continued with photos and comments .

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A Beach in Hoi An, 2008

Here, in Hoi An, is a concentrated Vietnam. In the one hundred thousandth little city on the coast of the Pacific Ocean are hardworking Vietnamese people, who have relatively recently joined the race of the tourism business in South Asia, who are fighting for their place in the sun.

Only the beach is in this post. I will talk about everything else a bit later. In detail, as there are quite a few impressions which are reinforced with photographs.

Bamboo Forest near Nanchang, 2008

Here, fifty minutes away from Nanchang, next to the river rests an island of a bamboo forest in which the opportunistic Chinese organized something like a rest base. As far as I know, this is part of a national park meant to save rare forests. Hammocks, comfortable bamboo huts, delicious cuisine, simple karaoke, a river in which locals with lights tied to sticks catch lobsters at night and give tourists rides on colourful rafts during the day. This corner has been a favored spot of tourists in Nanchang for a while. These are mostly English teachers in local schools and universities. The sociable owner is not multi-lingual, but this does not stop him from being hospitable and benevolent.

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